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“Expecting the worst:” Ready or not, major snowfall is underway across southeast Wisconsin

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WASHINGTON COUNTY -- The snow continues to fall in Washington County. It hasn't let up since Friday afternoon -- and isn't expected to stop until Saturday evening.snow3

Like it or not, winter weather is here.

"We're going sledding, we're going down just doing tricks," said nine-year-old Keenan Mulberry.

For the kids, the snow means fun.

"We can make snowballs," said Noah Krebsbach.sledding-boys

For the rest of us, it often means work trying to clear it away and staying safe on the roads.

"Slower is better," said Germantown Police Lieutenant David Huesemann.

At the Germantown Police Department, the next could of days will be busy.snow5

"If you don't have to go out on the roads and drive tonight, please stay home," said Lieutenant Huesemann.

Officers patrol the roads and prepare for what lies ahead.

"We are expecting the worst as far as accidents go," Huesemann said.

"We're expecting a lot of car crashes either on I-41 or on some of these side roads where people go into the ditch often," said Germantown Police Officer Darren Vonbereghy.

Darren Vonbereghy

Darren Vonbereghy

Most snow storms bring crashes and spin-outs along with it.

"A lot of accidents are caused by people following too closely or driving too fast for conditions," said Vonbereghy.

The best advice you already know, but it's worth repeating:

"Don't drive unless you absolutely have to," said Vonbereghy.

The best thing to do is stay home -- and rather than dread this weather, listen to the kids.sledding-boys2

"It's my favorite season," said Mulberry.

Maybe you'll learn to love it!

Germantown police are also reminding drivers if you do get in an accident, stay in your car. It can be very dangerous if you're outside of it.