“Love to be outside:” Ozaukee County residents take it slow and enjoy the snow

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OZAUKEE COUNTY -- People in the northern part of our viewing area are dealing with this weekend's winter storm. Some ran into traveling issues while others enjoyed a fun day of play on Saturday, December 17th.


As the sun rose over Ozaukee County, there was a clear picture of just how hard road crews worked.

"It was a lot of snow, yes, a lot of snow," said Ignacio Ceja, La Rosa Landscaping.

Ceja began work at midnight.

"Oh I'm tired. I'm ready to go home, grab a nap," said Ceja.ozaukee-co3

Mequon Road and Port Washington Road were clear for drivers but Sarah Moore's car was no match for the Mobil parking lot that hadn't been plowed yet.

"The roads were fine on the freeway up until I got to right here, I was totally fine," said Sara Moore, from Belgium.

With a little help Moore eventually got out and made her way to work.

Also running into travel issues: Matthew Vine as he tried to make the two-hour drive north to Green Bay.ozaukee-co

"Maybe a little bit longer than two hours, probably more like two and a half or three, but as long as everybody gets there safe it's fine," said Vine.

In Grafton, the Nellis family took a break from their Christmas cookie baking to enjoy the freshly fallen snow.

"They love to be outside, all winter and all summer, it doesn't seem to matter," said Megan Nellis.ozaukee-co2

Just how long will they last... and then it's inside to warm up.

"It's required hot chocolate, a movie and fireplace afterwards," said Nellis.

Sounds like the perfect way to spend a snow day.

Road crews say they'll continue to monitor the forecast and deploy the appropriate amount of salt and plow trucks throughout the snowstorm in order to keep the roads safe.

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