WATCH: Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary bears, Lewis and Clarke, enjoy winter wonderland

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WEST BEND — The fresh blanket of winter snow is proving to be quite the playground for two bears living at the Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary in West Bend.

In a new video posted to their Facebook page, bears “Lewis” and “Clark,” are seen playing in the snow together and it’s absolutely adorable!

Along with the video, the sanctuary wrote, “Its a Marshmellow World and the teddy’s are loving it” — indeed, they are!

Lewis and Clark arrived at the Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary in March of 2014, when they were just nine weeks old. They were abandoned by their mother at another zoo.

“Lewis and Clark we all know who they are, they were the great explorers, and little brown bears like to explore, so my wife said that would be a good name for them, and I think everybody agrees,” said David Fechter, Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary Owner.

When they first arrived at the sanctuary, they were just four pounds.

Look how far they’ve come!