“You don’t want to be out in this weather:” Snow removal crews out for another round of cleanup

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RACINE COUNTY -- The southeastern portion of our viewing area is seeing a quick accumulation of snowfall Saturday evening, December 17th. This includes parts of Waukesha, Kenosha and Racine Counties.snow2

By nightfall, round two of the Winter Storm Warning was in full effect.

"I can see it's starting to come down harder every minute it seems," said Timothy Hanganen, truck driver.

Several truck drivers pulled into the Petro Mobil gas station off I-04 in Racine County, are urging drivers to be cautious.

"The roads are slipperier than last night driving. The now is light, mist and it's wet," said James Henningfeld, truck driver.

FOX6 Weather Experts say many areas have seen two to three inches of additional snow on Saturday -- a significant addition to snow totals already on the ground from Friday. Also on the radar is the coldest air of the season, with Sunday morning wind chills of -30°.snow3

Kevin Kuiper has more than 40 years of truck driving under his belt. In his career he's seen more accidents than one would wish.

"You definitely don't want to be out in this weather in a wreck, in the cold, in the snow with no heat. Drive carefully," said Kuiper.

Long-time driver Timothy Hanganen is heading to Kenosha for the night. He says he prepares for the worst when he has a long drive ahead.timothy-hanganen

"In my other truck I have blankets and food and a little cook stove to plug into the cigarette lighter -- you can make soup. I have a change of clothes and plenty of water," said Hanganen.

Hanganen says patience is the key to getting home safely.

"Just go slow, be patient, watch out for the other drivers, give them enough room and hopefully they give you enough room," said Hanganen.

The snow will taper off overnight, but roads will remain slick in spots. The wind is starting to pick up as well, so blowing snow could be an issue.

Here's a look at the City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works snow preparedness plans for December 17-18:

  • A DPW snow removal operation is in effect for 48-hour exception streets – vehicles should be parked on the ODD side of the street tonight – December 17 - beginning at 11:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m.; press release attached
  • In addition, the 4-inch rule is still in effect; press release attached
  • Salt trucks with plow blades mounted are addressing Milwaukee’s main streets
  • These trucks will remain on the mains until complete, and will then move to the side streets to assist garbage trucks as they plow overnight
  • End loaders are working to clear cul-de-sacs, dead-end streets, and crossovers
  • Additional equipment will be assigned as needed
  • DPW continues to monitor weather forecasts and road conditions