Salvation Army needs your help: Just $1.8M raised, with $4M red kettle campaign goal

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MILWAUKEE -- The Salvation Army needs your help. The Salvation Army's Red Kettle Campaign is dealing with a shortage.

The goal this year is to raise $4 million, and so far, the Salvation Army has only raised $1.8 million.

"The red kettle campaign is in a state of emergency," Krachel Greenwood with the Salvation Army said. "At this point of the season, we only have six days of bell ringing left. We will take any donations."

Salvation Army bell ringer

Salvation Army bell ringer

Salvation Army officials said it's critical they get as many donations as possible.

"It's been hard to keep the kettles manned this season. The money used helps men, women and children in need. It's critical that we hit this goal in order to keep the programs and services in place that allow us to provide food, shelter, clothing and other services for as many people as possible," Greenwood said.

Debra Thomas is a Salvation Army bell ringer.

Salvation Army

"I love it," Thomas said.

Greenwood said more volunteers like Thomas are needed, but generous hearts can stay inside while donating as well.

"If you want to stay out of the cold, you can donate online. Our website is," Greenwood said.

Salvation Army bell ringer

Salvation Army bell ringer

Krachel Greenwood

Krachel Greenwood

The money raised pays for services the Salvation Army provides all year. That includes the big Salvation Army Christmas Family Feast on Christmas Day -- and the packing of sack lunches for kids during the summer.

"Now that we're down to the final six days of bell ringing, we're just making a plea to the community to please step up and help us out," Greenwood said.

CLICK HERE to make a donation to the Salvation Army online.


  • wheresthebeef

    The orange one’s cabinet could kick in the difference from their pocket change. Go ask them for the money; I have none to spare.

  • Denise

    Last time I give them a dollar. When I donated and said,Merry Christmas, the response was “happy holidays to you too”

  • Elizabeth Andås

    I LOVE the Salvation Army and never pass a kettle without giving, but I have only seen ONE bell ringer all season. I’ve seen so many unmanned kettles. What is going on? Where are the bell ringers? It’s no wonder they are so low on their fundraising goals… Such a shame!

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