Wisconsin electoral voters cast votes for Donald Trump, Mike Pence; protesters shout “shame!”

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MADISON — Wisconsin Republicans cast the state's 10 Electoral College votes on Monday, December 19th for President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence. A large group gathered in Madison Monday, and two overflow rooms had to be opened for spectators.

Electoral College members on Monday gathered across the country to cast their votes. President-elect Trump won Wisconsin and its 10 electoral votes.

There were protesters, though they didn't change the outcome Monday. They said they wanted to make sure their voices were heard as Wisconsin pledged 10 electoral votes to the President-elect. They said their message was so important, the bitterly cold weather wouldn't stop them.

Protests at the Capitol during Electoral College vote

Protests at the Capitol during Electoral College vote

"This is what, our third election now that`s not going to be decided by a popular vote. It`s going to be decided by the Electoral College. The people have to stand up, exercise their First Amendment right and let their voices be heard," Joel Besemer with Democracy Spring said.

Protests at the Capitol during Electoral College vote

Protests at the Capitol during Electoral College vote

Some protesters moved into the Capitol in Madison -- some making a silent statement by taking a knee, while others began shouting.

Eventually, each elector cast his or her ballot.

"The votes are -- 10 votes. Donald J. Trump," Brad Courtney, Republican Party of Wisconsin chairman said.

"Every one of you -- you're pathetic. You don't deserve to be in America," a protester shouted.

Others joined in -- shouting "shame" after the vote.

"OK. And the votes for Vice President -- 10 votes, Mike Pence," Courtney said.

That caused more disruption, with people walking out and cursing the electors as they signed their certificates of votes cast.

Protests at the Capitol during Electoral College vote

Protests at the Capitol during Electoral College vote

Protests at the Capitol during Electoral College vote

Protests at the Capitol during Electoral College vote

It was one of the largest crowds a meeting of the Electoral College has seen in many years.

"It`s a formality. People are certainly welcome to express whatever views they have," Michael Haas, Wisconsin Elections Commission administrator said.

[findthebest id="eHNc9Jk9o8Z" title="Electoral College Votes by State" width="600" height="499" url="https://w.graphiq.com/w/eHNc9Jk9o8Z" link="http://presidential-candidates.insidegov.com" link_text="InsideGov | Graphiq"]

Republican Party of Wisconsin Chairman Brad Courtney released the following statement after the vote:

"Today, Donald Trump received Wisconsin’s 10 Electoral Votes, and we were proud to honor the voices of 1.4 million Wisconsin voters who spoke loud and clear on November 8th. Once again, we congratulate the President and Vice-President Elect on their decisive victory and look forward to their efforts to bring real change to Washington, D.C and shape a new and better direction for the nation."

President-elect Donald Trump, Vice President-elect Mike Pence in West Allis

President-elect Donald Trump, Vice President-elect Mike Pence in West Allis

Wisconsin's electors said they received thousands of emails, phone calls and letters trying to get them to break ranks. But Courtney insisted they were proudly sticking by President-elect Trump on Monday.

This was the first time in 32 years Wisconsin's Electoral College voted for a Republican president.

[findthebest id="hkjfZEz9uJv" title="2016 Electoral College Results" width="600" height="664" url="https://w.graphiq.com/w/hkjfZEz9uJv" link="http://general-by-state.insidegov.com" link_text="InsideGov | Graphiq"]

It was around 4:30 p.m. CST when Donald Trump surpassed 270 votes in Electoral College to formally win the presidency.


  • Scott

    lol. National movement? Not sure 1 person not doing their job qualifies as “national” but whatever. Will be glad to have this nonsense behind us so the media can fabricate some new nonsense.

  • Erik

    @Joseph Russia has been hacking the US government for years and Obama didn’t do anything about it. It’s not the Republicans fault or Trumps fault. IT’S OBAMA’S FAULT.

    in October 2014, the Russian government hacked into both the White House’s and the State Department’s computer systems. For an unknown period of time, weeks if not months, the Russians were reading White House and State Department emails–a far more significant security breach than the accounts of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and John Podesta.
    What was President Obama’s reaction to this hack, which could reasonably be seen as an act of war? There was none, apparently. The administration downplayed the significance of the intrusion.
    (John Hinderaker)

  • Patricia Rickenbaugh

    I watched several of these today and Wisconsin’s was the only one that had humans, who looked to be adults, throwing temper tantrum. Unbelievable. Out Electors rightfully voted for Trump/Pence! YES!

  • deletedagain

    Shame would be turning your back on your party. Shame is also asking someone to turn their back on their party.
    Shame is not accepting the will of the people. Shame is turning your back on American ways and means of the electoral process. Shame is what has been done to this country during the last eight years.

  • Crybaby Liberals still Crying Like Loser Babies

    1. Learn proper English, maybe then people will actually understand what you’re trying to whine and cry about.
    2. We know the Russians love Hillary and want her in office (Russians and Dems can deny this all they want, there is enough evidence of this out there). You and your communist buddy Hillary already lost, so suck it up and quit being a cry baby.

  • Darrell David

    Joe, your broken English and poor grammar do not bother me. What I find troubling is your knowledge of the situation is so flawed I hope you did not vote. Before being allowed to vote a person should have a basic understanding , and you fail.

  • walloffthenorthside

    Wow, these libtards are just reaffirming why America voted for Trump. This is what happens when people are used to participation awards. Time to put on your big boy pants snowflakes.

    • Crybaby Liberals still Crying Like Loser Babies

      THIS! And the femi-nazi libtards at FAUX6 can delete my posts all they want, they are only showing everyone they are just as big of libtard crybabies as the rest of the special snowflake libs. I’d have to bet that lady waving her hands around having a childish foot-stomping fit in the electoral vote room was some FAUX6 low-pay intern they talked into attending and “putting on a good show” for the camera. Send her and all of the other filled-diaper liberals home with a juice box and a participation ribbon and call it a day.

  • marcus wilson

    these protesters are really ignorant dumb asses that don’t know anything about the electoral college and the constitution or common sense. They are being driven by Hollywood, the DNC and college professors that are trying to push their cause by pushing the snow flakes into a tizzy and demanding that they win. HA you snowflakes are now seeing what the real real world is all about and here’s a hint for you , it’s not about you, There are winners and losers in life and you just lost. The real shame here is that you babies won’t learn anything about what happened. You still feel the world owes you and that is really sad.

  • Trumpism is here

    The liberal women studies feminist activist smug apostates of Hillary need to go home along with their feminized male counterparts. America has voted and the smug intolerant liberals have lost. Time to turn in your signs and get a real job. The social justice warrior types need not apply, move to a country that best suits your deviant needs. I would like to see a law that prohibits liberal arts degrees since it’s nothing but future welfare training. The angry electorate has spoken.

  • Billy Madison

    Could anybody recommend where I can get a purple sweatsuit (similar to this ladies) and how to seek government assistance where I do not have to go to work on Monday’s? This lady is living the life.

    • Liberal losers need their blankie!

      I know right? Must be nice to live off of everyone else’s money. If they actually got JOBS like the rest of us they wouldn’t be liberals anymore… I wish they would all get that “dose” of reality!

  • liberty

    You’re pathetic. You don’t deserve to be in America, is something that should be said to everyone that supported Hateful Hillary. You have to be brain dead to follow a lying, cheating piece of trash like her.

  • confused

    But dems, President Elect Trump DID win the most votes in WI, hence he won the Electoral vote. You really shouldn’t elect someone with an over all popular vote. This isn’t high school student council (popularity contest) There would be insane, unkeepable promises just to get elected.

  • Dwayne D.Swamp

    The insane lefty Lucy the liberal protesting fe-male probably has a couple social justice warrior medals under her belt. I wonder if she attended any classes on being white that twerked her brain into action to commit such atrocities. We should immediately start to catch and band these traitors like we do birds so as to track them for future research and monitoring. Liberals all need to go back to their free trade coffee grinder and co-mingle with their communist friends and leave the working people do their job.

    • Liberal losers need their blankie!

      It was on a Monday afternoon, it’s obvious she doesn’t have a job. She’s probably worried about losing her food stamp benefits. I know a liberal just as uber-left as she is and unfortunately there is no talking common sense (or any sense) into fools like her… they are very “My way or the highway” in their mentality, even in everyday affairs… it’s the reason people like her don’t have jobs and expect everyone else to “take care of her”.

  • Paul

    Love the crazy woman dressed like Barney whom appears to feel only her opinion matters in the state. Typical liberal – spoiled and selfish. She represents everything that is wrong in this state.


    What the libs don’t understand (I know, this could take a while) is that if they got their way on some of these extreme cases, they would be setting precedent for every election going forward. So ok, they win this and Trump isn’t president, maybe Killary or some other RINO. Well then the next time a Dem wins, we can all go and stalk and harass electors until they change their mind that time. And it just keeps going. All the executive orders, new rules for congressional debate and vote minimums. Sure it may help them now, but those would just be tools to be used against them later. But hey, they’re short-sighted sheeple so what do they know.

  • Nope

    Did not vote, cannot complain because it’s a show and I have better things to watch. With either candidates, we loose regardless.

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