Baby girl is first child born among Aleppo evacuees

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Nothing’s been coming out of Aleppo but a steady news stream of death and destruction. So imagine everyone’s delight at a bit of good news, in the form of a baby girl.

The child, named Tasnim, is the first baby born after the evacuations began in eastern Aleppo last week.

The World Health Organization’s Regional Office for Europe tweeted a photo of the baby on Tuesday.

Tasnim, weighing almost 8 pounds, was born Monday in a clinic supported by the WHO’s County Office in Turkey. The clinic is one of 17 health facilities that have received patients from eastern Aleppo. Many of the evacuees are suffering from malnutrition and other ailments, after being cut off from food and medical supplies for months.

The WHO notes that Tasnim “made plenty of noise in the clinic — a welcome sound” and that both mother and daughter were doing well.