Retiring after nearly 33 years: Milwaukee Fire Dept. says farewell to Linda Mattrisch

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MILWAUKEE — It’s been a journey that took more than three decades to complete. After all those years, the Milwaukee Fire Department is losing one of its own.

Linda Mattrisch

Linda Mattrisch

On Wednesday, December 21st at the MFD headquarters in downtown Milwaukee, there was a grand send-off for Lieutenant Linda Mattrisch after nearly 33 years of devoted service to the department. She is retiring.

“I feel so fortunate, so lucky to have done this job for, it’s been 33 years. And I’ve been given the opportunity to go into people’s homes and help them through some hard times; give them hope — you know, the best and the worst,” Mattrisch said. “And I’ve worked with some really amazing, amazing people over the years. It’s bittersweet because I’m just so proud and happy with what I’ve done. But I’m also going to miss everybody that I worked with.”

What would Mattrisch say to girls or young women who might be considering a job as a firefighter?

“I’d say go for it, be respectful, work your butt off, and learn from everybody else around you and take the time to mentor young men and women,” Mattrisch said.


Mattrisch’s years with MFD make her the longest-serving female in the department’s history.

Dozens gathered to thank Mattrisch for that service — and share memories.