Father of girl charged in Slenderman stabbing testifies as attorneys work to get her confession thrown out

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WAUKESHA COUNTY -- The father of one of the girls charged in the so-called "Slenderman" stabbing case testified in court on Thursday, December 22nd. Anissa Weier was in court as her attorneys argued her confession to the crime, made when she was just 12 years old thrown out.

This complex case stems from May 2014 when Weier and Morgan Geyser, then-12-year-old girls allegedly stabbed their friend 19 times to please the internet horror character Slenderman. Both Geyser and Weier are 15 years old now. They're charged as adults -- each facing one count of attempted first degree intentional homicide, as party to a crime, use of a dangerous weapon.

Anissa Weier

Anissa Weier

Weier's father William told the court how he was kept away from his daughter while Waukesha police detectives questioned her about the stabbing in May of 2014.

The video in question shows Weier sitting in a room, waiving her rights to have counsel and to remain silent.

A detective tells the girl: "I'm going to read those rights to you, OK? The main point is I still don't know what happened and I need to know that today."

Anissa Weier

Anissa Weier

William Weier

William Weier

William Weier testified that detectives wouldn't let him see his daughter until hours after she was questioned. During that time, she willingly talked to police.

"Not only Anissa, but all four of my children were taught to trust the police department. If you find yourself in trouble or in danger, find a firefighter, find a police officer. They are there to help you," William Weier said.

William Weier said his daughter was not delusional when she waived her Miranda rights.

"Why would any parent discuss with a 12-year-old what Miranda rights mean?" William Weier said.

William Weier

William Weier

"The parents were trying to get to their child and were prevented. When they learned there was something serious alleged against their child, they wanted to go to her. They tried to go to her and they were prevented from seeing her -- and very few parents understand with a child under 18 if law enforcement wants to question them they will," Weier's attorney said.

Weier's attorney said other states have laws requiring children to be represented by counsel when questioned. Wisconsin does not.

The judge will make his decision at a later date.

A judge recently ruled the two girls will be tried separately. Those trials are likely to begin in spring.

Morgan Geyser

Morgan Geyser

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  • Dylan

    This.girl.amd.her.friend are.monsters..they planned and.plotted stabbed and. Left their.friend to DIE.and. show.ro this day show.no horror.or remorse.and neither do their parents…they need to be tried upon the evidence which.includes statement s to the police.also after they committed these murderous heinous crime.they didnt run home..they were running away…they. didnt think there would be a victim alive to tell the story…i hope the victims family sues both families in court. No book deals no mini series…also slender man authors…sick sick sick and shame on the parents of these two criminals…can u honestly think they arent a danger after the horror they have done not one but 19 times into the body of. Their.friend a human being who.bears the physical. Scars and emotional scars for life..the.victim gets a.life.sentence So.SHOULD THEY

  • Tired of nonsense

    I guess fox 6 didn’t like the comments so the took them down. Don’t post a story if people can’t comment. Like I said before the dad should be ashamed of himself, his daughter is a monster. They planned, plotted and tried to kill an innocent girl, who by the way is still suffering. Where’s the story about her? I guess that’s not headline worthy. But this sick family trying to get their daughter off for trying to kill her friend is. This is a sad world we live in!!! The parents of those monsters should be in jail with their sick daughters!!! Now that’s a story. But fox 6 will probably delete this comment also. So much for freedom of speech…

  • WI a hellhole

    No one willing to take responsibility for their own actions… No wonder why everyone is moving away from this cesspool we call a state

  • eatmydust

    They belong in jail.. don’t make any excuse for them. They knew exactly what they were doing. If the victim had not survived. Which I’m happy she survived. She probably wouldn’t be the only one they will target. So keep them crazy girls in jail so the world would be safer.

    • Angry Dad

      They’re not safer in prison. They’re safer at home or in a hospital, getting the treatment they desperately need.

  • confused

    Dad? you obviously were not monitoring her internet use, what she was doing outside the home and who her friends were so why give a rat’s behind how her confession and interview went?

    • Angry Dad

      Parents can’t keep tab of their children 100% of the time. Besides, the girl’s rights were violated, so the court needs to throw out the confession.

  • Angry Dad

    People may not like it, but this girl is also a victim. Like the article say, this is a complex case and if the police violated the girl’s rights, they should throw out the confession.

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