Toys “R” Us fire in Brookfield believed to be arson; police searching for 2 female suspects

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BROOKFIELD -- The fire that took place at the Toys "R" Us along Moorland Road in Brookfield is being investigated as arson.

The fire occurred shortly before 10:00 p.m. on Friday, December 16th.

Fire reported at Brookfield Toys R Us

Fire reported at Brookfield Toys R Us

According to the Brookfield Police Department, the fire was discovered on a shelf containing stuffed animals in the rear of the store.

Police said security footage showed two women staged near the entry door, and when the store employees left the customer service desk to check the fire, the two women exited the store -- pushing a shopping cart full of merchandise.

"It's unfortunate people have to be like that," said Amanda Junior, shopper.

Inside the store nearly a week later, shoppers are greeted at the doors with signs apologizing for a limited selection.

Fire reported at Brookfield Toys R Us

Fire reported at Brookfield Toys R Us

"Their shelves were empty from the fire," said Johnny Stephens, shopper.

Tape blocks part of the store, while fans and cleaning supplies line the

"We actually went past the rope to look at stuff and they told us we could not be back there, everything is contaminated, they can't even sell the stuff," said Junior.

Customers say they are saddened to hear of the arson and possible

"I feel bad for the people who actually took a loss. It is kind of sad people go through desperate measures to do such things," said Stephens.

Authorities have released descriptions of the two women:

Suspect #1: Black woman with a slender build in her early 20s -- wearing a green knit hat with a gray tassel, with a Green Bay Packers "G" and a maroon jacket over a gray hoodie.

Suspect #2: Black woman with a heavy build, wearing a waist-length jacket with fur-trimmed hood, knit hat and boots with fur trim.

Arson at Toy's "R" Us in Brookfield

Arson at Toy's "R" Us in Brookfield

If you have any information in regards to this incident, you are asked to contact the Brookfield Police Department at 262-787-3702.



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