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UW to offer class called “The Problem is Whiteness;” Gov. Walker calls it “goofy,” “unusual”

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MADISON — Gov. Scott Walker says a University of Wisconsin-Madison class titled “The Problem is Whiteness” is “goofy” and “unusual,” but he’s stopping short of saying it should put UW’s funding in jeopardy.

Walker told The Associated Press in an interview Wednesday that “the better area to focus on with funding is the broader issue of accountability and performance.”

Two Republican state lawmakers have criticized the race relations course as inappropriate and a waste of taxpayers’ money. Rep. Dave Murphy and Sen. Steve Nass say that how the university handles the spring course could affect its request for new state funding.

Walker says whether to drop the class is up to UW. He says he does not think “the governor should be telling people what classes they should or shouldn’t have.”


  • Cucko

    Why is this a thing all over the us? If anything, if blm, there should be a class called “the problem of blackness” and Andreas the issues in their own culture. It’s not whites keeping them down at all. Wake up blacks and especially whites!?! Wake the hell up

  • jeff

    I am not offended at all. Here is the answer to the Question, What is the problem with Whiteness?” Waiting… Waiting… Waiting….Here it is….Not a Damn thing. Being White is great! As a matter of fact, and you can look this stuff up, Whites have had a very good run on planet earth. Hay! We can say off world too….The Moon. We only had a calculator to help us… Well, I don’t see us slow down ether. We keep winning and winning and winning. Nothing against anyone else, but he who toots not his own horn, his horn will not be tooted. Cheers

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