Young mother from MTV’s ’16 and Pregnant’ found dead

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COATESVILLE, Pennsylvania — A young mother who starred in the MTV show “16 and Pregnant” died Wednesday, a Philadelphia-area coroner has confirmed.

The death of 23-year-old Valerie Fairman is still under investigation, CBS Philly reported. Police are expected to release more information about her death later Thursday.

The coroner said Fairman was pronounced dead just before 5 p.m. Wednesday. The cause of her death was not released.

She appeared in the second season of the show in 2009-2010 when she gave birth to a baby girl.

“We are saddened by the news of Valerie Fairman’s passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family at this time,” MTV said in a statement.

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    Pretty sad when teenagers like her think it’s “cool” and strive to be on TV to brag about the fact that they are popping out burdens-to-society at such a young age. Where was the father? Why wasn’t the father of the child charged with Statutory rape of a minor since she was 16 at the time? It really doesn’t surprise me she’s dead now… she’s involved in a life of sin and faced those consequences.

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