Group of college students in New Berlin create massive igloo complete with a fireplace

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NEW BERLIN — There was an epic undertaking in New Berlin this winter. The goal: Build the ultimate igloo.

The enormous creation was made by a group of friends, all sophomores in college and one happens to be a civil engineering major.

The igloo has become a tradition for the guys, they have been doing this every year since they were in fourth grade. Each year, it’s gotten bigger and bigger.

New this year, they’ve included a fireplace and stereo system — that’s on top of everything else that’s in there!


We’re told it probably could hold up to 20 people inside.

“Well there’s a bench in there, like a full-size bench that two people could sit on, there’s chairs, there’s a like a throne you can sit on made out of snow with armrests, there’s four by four support with Christmas lights wrapped around it,” said Nick Buban, igloo builder.

It took all the snow from the driveway and the backyard to make the igloo. They even used some from the neighbors!

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