“We have a chance!” Packers fans celebrate fifth straight victory

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BROWN DEER -- The second half of the Packers season is a gift that keeps on giving.zs4

"I didn't think we would be in this position. I thought the season was over with, I thought we were playing for next year and draft picks," said Marc Mitchell, Packers fan.

The packers have just wrapped up five wins in a row.

Maybe it's hard to believe but considering it's Christmas Eve, and warm enough to melt snow, anything is possible. zs2



"We're playing at a great level right now. We win and get a home game, a lot of people don't want to come to Lambeau and play that game," said Mitchell.

Marc Mitchell

Marc Mitchell

Marc Mitchell and his wife Nikki enjoyed the Packers hot streak from Z's in Brown Deer.

"We have a chance to take over the division," Mitchell said.

After Saturday's win against the Vikings, a long and lonely November officially turned into a dominating December!


If the Packers keep doing what they are doing, playoff tickets would make a for a great late Christmas gift.