Gov. Scott Walker to visit Wisconsin troops at Guantanomo Bay in Cuba

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Gov. Scott Walker

CUBA — Gov. Scott Walker plans to travel to Cuba to visit the naval base at Guantanomo Bay.

Walker announced Wednesday that he’ll visit the base Thursday to personally thank Wisconsin National Guard troops. The Milwaukee-based 32nd Military Police Company is providing support for Joint Task Force Guantanomo and the Joint Detention Group.

The task force operates detention camps for prisoners captured in Afghanistan and elsewhere since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. The detention group is responsible for guarding captives.

Walker spokesman Tom Evenson referred questions about whether Walker would come into contact with any prisoners to the state Department of Military Affairs. Officials at that agency didn’t immediately respond to messages.

The DMA will transport Walker to Cuba. He plans to return to Wisconsin on Friday.

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  • John C.

    Just in time for Trump to reinstate waterboarding! Perfect! Now we’ll get to the bottom of all this Jon Doe chicanery!

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