Champagne 101: What you need to know when shopping for bubbly this New Year’s

MILWAUKEE -- Lots of people celebrate the new year with a bottle of champagne. Tatiana Castellino from Pick 'n Save joins FOX6 WakeUp with details on picking the right bubbly.

  1. Cooks- $5.99 - Great entry level sparkling at a great price point. This Brut is America's most popular California champagnes and a staple for many NYE celebrations.
  • Brut: Medium-dry with crisp fruit flavors. The aromas of apple and pear are balanced with a bouquet of toasty yeast notes and floral nuances.
  • Extra Dry: Semi-dry, with crisp fruit flavors, complexity, and a long, smooth finish. The aromas of apple and pear are balanced with a bouquet of toasty yeast notes and floral nuances.
  1. Mionetto - $8.99 In the heart of the Prosecco region in Italy, Mionetto produces exceptional wines with consistent national and international acclaim.
  • Aromas of golden apples, pear and honey. Well-balanced acidity provide a fresh and lively mouthfeel with a clean dry finish
  • Pairs well with seafood and hard cheeses like Parmesan, Cheddar, Gouda and Manchego.
  1. Martini & Rossi $9.99 Crafted from 100% handpicked Moscato Bianco grapes, grown in Northern Italy.
  • Lightly sparkling delight that is a refreshing and crisp white wine with hints of apple, peach, and vanilla
  • A zesty alternative to chardonnay that compliments spicy appetizers as well as chicken, fish or pork dishes.
  • This sparkling wine is a great partner to fruity desserts, pastry and ice cream.
  1. La Marca Prosecco - $11.99 One of the hottest sparkling brands right now!!! With a luxurious light blue label that reminds us of Tiffany's, it’s a clear winner at $11.99
  • Aromas of fresh citrus, honey and white flowers. The palate is fresh and clean, with flavors of ripe lemon, green apple and grapefruit framed by mineral undertones.
  • This wine was very balanced, and is commonly referred to as "Goldilocks of Prosecco," with a crisp dryness to balance the sweeter notes of golden delicious apple.
  1. Chandon - $15.99 Great California Champagne with a mid-tear price point. This wine offers the balance and elegance that has become Chandon's hallmark style.
  • Its crisp and fresh flavor profile relies on a blend of the three traditional grape varietals: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier — and adds a celebratory note to any occasion.
  • Brut Classic consistently expresses signature flavor profiles of apple, pear and citrus flavors and aromas with a hint of spice that leads to a soft, dry finish.
  • Recommended with salty, creamy, or nutty foods such as Caesar salad, fried calamari, oysters, or fresh sashimi and sushi.
  1. Veuve Cliquot - $46.99 This is a true champagne from France and a great splurge for the holidays! One of the more popular champagnes from France and recognizable from is very distinct yellow label.
  • Tightly knit, focused by robust acidity and a streak of minerality, this offers subtle notes of white peach, anise, biscuit and kumquat. The refined finish echoes a smoky note.
  • Pairs great with seafood (salmon), duck and hard cheeses.