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“Doesn’t have any regard for life:” Intended target in shooting death of baby arrested for multiple gun crimes

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BROWN DEER -- Authorities believe he was the intended target in a shooting that killed a 13-month-old baby. 21-year-old Kwesen Sanders is now in custody, accused of shooting at a woman in Brown Deer, among other charges.

Brown Deer police have been looking for Sanders since a shooting incident on October 7. Milwaukee police had their sights set on him too and MPD arrested him following a pursuit that ended near 37th and North last week.

One of the stop signs still has a bullet hole in it at 51st and Dean in Brown Deer. Police say the story of that hole began in the parking lot of the McDonald's at Good Hope and Teutonia. A woman told police "she was there to get a sample of crack or heroin."bullet-holes

Kwesen Sanders

Kwesen Sanders

In the other car on October 7, 21-year-old Kwesen Sanders -- a drug dealer the woman knew as "Cash."

Instead of making a deal, the woman says Sanders, armed with a knife, "attempted to open the driver's side door but it was locked." She took off and Sanders chased her into Brown Deer. They went up 51st and Dean Road, when the woman "observed 'Cash' lean out of the front passenger window and fire five gunshots at her."51st-and-dean

"One of the rounds actually went into the vehicle he was shooting at, the other round went into an occupied house," said Brown Deer Police Sergeant Luke Kuehne.

No one was hurt in that incident. The same cannot be said for what happened in December 2014 at 73rd and Mill.


Investigators say Sanders had swiped the number of another dealer, Darmequaye Cohill, and was taking his business. Cohill responded by shooting up what he thought was Sanders' apartment. Prosecutors say Sanders admitted to being the target but during Cohill's trial, went back on his plea agreement.

Kwesen Sanders

Kwesen Sanders

"He's not the shooter. What don't ya'll get," Sanders testified in December 2015.

Last week, Milwaukee police say they caught Sanders driving a stolen car. After a pursuit, during which Sanders allegedly dropped a loaded gun, he was arrested.

"It's a person who doesn't have any regard for life so it's disappointing that innocent people become victims for something they're not involved in at all," said Kuehne.

At the time of his arrest, Sanders was on probation for riding in a stolen car. Between the charges of bail jumping, being a felon with a gun, and recklessly endangering safety, Sanders faces a maximum sentence of about 70 years in prison.

"When our officers and investigators are subpoenaed, everyone’s interested in cases like this," said Kuehne, "It’s something we’ll be following."


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