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“He is here in spirit:” Family members, friends of Terry Jackson mark 1-year anniversary of his death

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MILWAUKEE -- It's an anniversary they are sad to celebrate. Friday, December 30th, marks the day of a double fatal car accident that killed two Milwaukee men.terry-jackson2

A year ago today, a 24-year-old woman without a license and under the influence of a controlled substance, sped down a residential street and hit and killed 57-year-old Terry Jackson and 59-year-old Darrell Thompson.

The accident took their lives but Friday's gesture shows their spirit will not be forgotten.

Clutching balloons shaped like stars and hearts, loved ones gather at Glen Oaks Cemetery to honor Terry Jackson.terry-jackson

"It's something that he would want us to do, not sit over and cry and be sad," said Shemikquia Campbell.


It's been a rough year for his family especially his daughter, Shemikquia Campbell.

Shemikquia Campbell

Shemikquia Campbell

"A lot of crying, a lot of emotional feelings," said Campbell.

Her father, along with Darreel Thompson, were killed on December 30th, 2015, after Jasmine Ray sped down Sherman going 100 miles-per-hour, slamming into the vehicle the men were in.

"I also have flashbacks what happened on this date," said Campbell.

A solemn time as family members were coping with the sudden loss.

"It all still feels like a dream," said Campbell.

But the reality that Ray is being held responsible is somewhat comforting.

Jasmine Ray

Jasmine Ray

"We are healing now because the lady who did do it, she is incarcerated for 15 years. So that is a piece of closure," said Campbell.

Friday, they prepared to release tokens of love in Jackson's memory.

"He did make a great impact on a lot of people's lives," said Campbell.

After prayer, balloons were let go, drifting into the sky as they looked up in reflection and sharing fond memories and embraces.terry-jackson3

"Think of the good times we had and I cherish those moments. Just keeping positive thoughts and the good times we had with him instead of thinking about him not being here because he is here in spirit," Campbell said.

As family members close out this year of mourning, they'll look to 2017 and years to come as a celebration of Jackson's life and legacy.

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    Can we not litter when doing this people? Those balloons are not gonna leave the ozone, eventually they fall and it’s normally in Lake Michigan.

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