Popular beachside fire rings will be back in Sheboygan in summer 2017

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SHEBOYGAN— Those popular beachside fire rings will be back in Sheboygan next summer.

The city’s Common Council recently approved a resolution that keeps four of the bonfire rings at Deland Park beach during the summer months.

Parks and Forestry Superintendent Joe Kerlin will oversee those rings and report back to a city committee late in 2017.

USA Today Network-Wisconsin reports the fire rings became a source of contention when the Common Council considered a resolution that would get rid of them. The reason was because prohibited litter kept turning up near where the bonfires are allowed.

But some residents pushed back, prompting council members to reconsider.

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  • deletedagain

    Litter is only part of the problem. Broken glass is a danger on a beach where people run around with bare feet.
    A few people spoil it for everyone. Luckily there are growing number of people who pick up litter.

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