Don’t set a New Year’s resolution: Better way to achieve your goals, turn your dreams into reality

MILWAUKEE -- Have you set your New Year's resolution yet? Don't! Instead, consider making a vision board. Life coach Tiffany Miller of "Life in Bloom" to help us get started.

1. Visualize It - get focused on what you want in 2017. What does it look, taste and feel like?

2. Write It - When you think of your vision, what words stand out to you? Driven. Creative. Bloom. Live. Love. Fierce.

3. Create It - You really want your goals to flow. so if you have specific career, family, travel and health goals, Your vision board should reflect that. I tweaked a Feng Shui guide I discovered a few years ago so each specific area has its place.

4. Goal It - How your vision happens in the goals you set. You want to set SMART Goals. Specific - Measurable - Attainable - Radical and Realistic - Timebound and go for it.

5. Live It - 2017 is the year of Fruition so Live Your Vision, Walk in Your Purpose and Bloom


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