“It’s just tragic:” Friends of man fatally shot at Milwaukee bar say he died protecting his fiancee

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MILWAUKEE -- Friends are remembering a man shot and killed inside a bar on Milwaukee's northwest side early on Sunday, January 1st. The shooting marks Milwaukee's first homicide of 2017.

Patrick Presley

Patrick Presley

Those close to Patrick Presley say the 37-year-old has never been in a violent situation before in his life. They say he died trying to protect his fiancee from the very person who killed him.

Presley was killed at Dee's Elegance Bar & Grill. A group of friends that normally gathers there now see the establishment as a place to mourn.

"It's just tragic. Senseless," said Tdot Kingsby, a friend of Presley.

Friends of Patrick Presley gather outside Dee's Elegance Bar & Grill

Friends of Patrick Presley gather outside Dee's Elegance Bar & Grill

"He's out with his fiancee on New Year's Eve. He wasn't doing nothing wrong," said Harvey Scales, Jr., a friend of Presley.

Fatal shooting at Dee's Elegance Bar & Grill

Fatal shooting at Dee's Elegance Bar & Grill

Milwaukee police say Presley was fatally shot around 5:00 a.m. inside the bar after getting into an altercation with at least two other people. Witnesses say it started after a strange man had been harassing Presley's fiancee.

"This guy attempted to grab his fiancee's hand again. Pat turned to the guy and said, 'I told you once -- she's here with somebody. What are you doing?' And before he could finish his sentence, the guy shot him," Scales said.

It's a devastating turn of events on the first day of the year for a man friends say still had much to live for. Presley was supposed to get married in 2017 -- and had two successful businesses.

Fatal shooting at Dee's Elegance Bar & Grill

Fatal shooting at Dee's Elegance Bar & Grill

"He had his own home improvement business. He did entertainment music stuff on the side. And he took care of his kids," Scales said.

Patrick Presley

Patrick Presley

"He's going to be missed. He's going to be missed. And he didn't deserve that," Kingsby said.

Presley's loved ones are wondering how someone was able to bring a gun into the bar on New Year's Eve.

As for the suspects, police continue to search for the two people responsible.


  • Lashonda

    This is heartbreaking. People can’ even go out and enjoy New Years Eve anymore. You’re safer getting a few drinks and staying home with family & friends. Please catch the animal who killed this man. He deserves justice.

    • laura

      I own a bar few blocks down the block ,I stayed open until 5am,,feel sorry for the location it happened ..crazy strikes ,,,,,nobody is to blame. .but crazy itself. .RIP..may justice be served. .

    • Jordan reed

      Totally agree ^^ I mean it’s Milwaukee north side. I don’t care if you were born and raised in the north side and you think it’s okay to hang out….you’re just asking for trouble at 5a at a bar on that side of town. And it’s no secret neither

    • Jentry Pippin

      People have the right to go out and celebrate New Years Eve, birthdays, Christmas, or any other event they wish. It does not give animals the right to take anyone’s life. I don’t care where or what time it is. The establishment should have had more security and the bar had a duty to protect the patrons. Why was the person allowed into the bar with a gun. This is the 3rd shooting at this place. It needs to be shut down.

      • Jazeekay

        1st incident Jentry…check your facts like I did…there was a shooting across the street across the gas station…

  • Wang Fu

    Rest In Peace Patrick Presley. May your killer be identified and brought to justice quickly… Street Justice…

    I’m also sorry for Quiana Milton, who put years of hard work and love into Dee’s Elegance, where her customers felt like family. I hope her business doesn’t suffer.

  • cf

    I been to this bar many of times as i frequented other “Cheer’s” type bars in Milwaukee and the crazy thing is I truly believe bar owners and security need to be held accountable for shootings which happen INSIDE their bars. Many times security and bouncers half ass check people or even allow certain “friends” to enter the establishment with their weapons.. If they started being responsible for what happens in their business I bet they would start making damn sure guns didn’t get in. What happens outside is outside But inside is all on yall.. stop being friends and start treating your business as a business. Anything can happen

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