Who’s going?! 8,000 tickets available to general public for Packers/Giants playoff game

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GREEN BAY -- Want to be in the stadium Sunday, January 8th when the Green Bay Packers face the New York Giants in a Wild Card playoff game? Packers officials are offering up 8,000 tickets to the general public.

The game is set for Sunday at 3:40 p.m. It's a game you can watch ONLY ON FOX6!

Giants at Packers

The Packers on Sunday, January 1st became NFC North Division CHAMPIONS with their 31-24 WIN over the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. That earned them a home playoff game after earning their playoff berth with the Washington Redskins' loss to the Giants earlier Sunday.

Approximately 8,000 tickets were made available for purchase by the general public for Sunday's game at Lambeau. The tickets are available online only, and ticket prices range from $118 to $145, depending on location.

Packers tickets

As of Monday, only single seats were available.

To purchase tickets CLICK HERE.

The available tickets are those that season ticket holders elected not to purchase.

There are also tickets available at places like TicketKing.

John Lamoreaux

John Lamoreaux

"Fans were shopping on our website and buying tickets the second (Sunday's game) was over. We have groups available, different, all over from the end zone to the 50 -- from the Packers sideline to the visitor's side line. There`s a lot of supply out there. There`s not a lot of time to sell them. It`s cold, so there are some things going against it, and so that keeps prices affordable. With the way this season has gone, with them having a four-game losing streak and now winning five, six games in a row -- it`s nice to finish on a high note. We`ll be buying and selling all week, and we`ll have tickets available even at the day of the day," John Lamoreaux, owner of TicketKing said.

At TicketKing, tickets started at $140 a pop as of Monday.



Ticket brokers said when you find the price and location you're looking for -- you should try to buy right away. And keep in mind, big events like this can also excite scammers. You should always purchase from a certified ticket broker -- or directly from the Packers.

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