Fabrics that won’t leave you freezing: Best things to wear to stay warm in the winter

MILWAUKEE -- Want to look fabulous when it's frigid -- but also stay warm? Local fashion blogger Katherine Clemins joins Real Milwaukee with the warmest fabrics for winter.

Good Winter Fabrics

100% fine wool
• The higher the percentage of wool in a fabric, the warmer it will be
• Katherine suggests fine wools to avoid the itchy tendency some sweaters have
• Absorbs moisture and acts as an insulator

• Silk absorbs moisture while maintaining body temperature
• When going from inside to outside, it will aid in a smooth transition

• A lot of flannels are made from wool which adds warmth to the garment

Velvet - trendy and can be made from wool
• High thread count
• Thick and warm

Bad Winter Fabrics

• Does not absorb moisture and it is breathable which makes it more of a
Summer fabric