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Man who shot 9-year-old boy with BB gun as he drove past boy’s lemonade stand is sentenced

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KIMBERLY — The man who shot a Wisconsin boy with a BB gun as he ran a lemonade stand was sentenced Tuesday, January 3rd.

Evgeniy Tetzlaff was convicted of injury by negligent use of a weapon for the July 25th incident.

Nine-year-old Jayden Grant was struck in the face when Tetzlaff shot him while driving past the stand.

Jayden’s dad, Eric Grant, said he heard the screams and knew something was wrong.

“I heard the screams and then I knew it wasn’t a good scream. You know your child’s scream. I came running and saw blood all over,” Eric Grant told WLUK.

“I got shot,” Jayden Grant told WLUK.

Jayden Grant (center) -- PHOTO: WLUK

Jayden Grant (center) — PHOTO: WLUK

Eric Grant said someone driving by the lemonade stand shot the BB gun at his son — hitting Jayden in the face.

“I realized it was a BB in there. Just a pretty scary situation,” Eric Grant said.

Jayden was rushed to the hospital. His mother, Leah Grant, said the BB was embedded and had to be removed.

Eric Grant said the incident put the whole family on edge.

“An adrenaline I’ve never felt before,” Eric Grant said.

Despite the scare, Jayden and his friends were back at the stand the next day — and business was good.

“To build confidence in this guy — to bring him back and show him how random this was,” Eric Grant said, explaining why they brought the lemonade stand back.

“I feel pretty good now,” Jayden said.

Jayden may only be nine years old, but his advice after this incident was wise beyond his years.

“Just don’t be scared after something happens. Don’t live scared,” he advised.

Evgeniy Tetzlaff

Evgeniy Tetzlaff

Tetzlaff will serve six months in jail and three years probation. If he breaks probation, he will need to serve another six months in jail.

Tetzlaff was also sentenced to 100 hours of community service and must pay $577 in restitution.

During sentencing, Tetzlaff apologized for his actions.

“I’ve felt terrible since the moment I found out what I did and I’m sorry for stealing. That was unacceptable — and I understand that also, everything I have done from that moment is wrong and I’m sorry. If there was anything good that came out of this situation I’d have to say is that I’ve made a better plan for myself,” Tetzlaff said.

He will have work release privileges.