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Michigan mother on crusade to remove magazines, junk food from checkout aisles at Meijer

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DETROIT — A Michigan mom is on a crusade to make the checkout process at Meijer more healthy and kid-friendly.

Jane Kramer created an online petition hoping the store will get rid candy and some trashy magazines in checkout aisles.

“Inappropriate reading material with nothing for kids to look at and just junk food,” she said.

Kramer said she never realized these items are not kid-friendly until she adopted her son a few years ago.

She avoids the junk food aisle, but she can’t avoid the checkout lane.

Kramer said some of the magazine cover’s can contribute to body issues or are just plain tabloids with inappropriate topics.

She recalled one moment where she was left speechless.

“My son asked me about the word ‘cocaine’ and, while I was going to introduce the topic of drugs to him at some point, I wasn’t ready to talk about that at that age to him in the checkout aisle,” Kramer said.

She created a petition on and it has hundreds of signatures.

“Some people would argue that I’m taking away their choice, but I would argue that those things can still be in other areas of the store, but we should work harder at eating junk food,” Kramer said.

Other stores, like Target, are trying out healthier checkout aisles.

Kramer said she contacted Meijer numerous times but hasn’t gotten a response.

“They are a good company, I just want them to take this extra step,” Kramer said.

Now, she is asking other shoppers to step up and sign the petition.

“It’s not just about parents and kids. It’s about the health of everybody,” Kramer said.

WXYZ reached out to Meijer and they offered this statement:

“Millions of customers come to Meijer each week and our goal is to ensure our offerings appeal to the needs of a very broad and diverse customer base. We are proud of the healthy choices we offer throughout our stores as well as the fact that our customers can count on us for all of their shopping needs, whatever their buying preference.”

Company officials would not say if they would look into changing their checkout aisles.


  • 2017willbebetter

    rofl most stores have 1 or 2 lanes with out a thing in them for parents who are parented by the kids and have no discipline, consequences or repercussions for their kids. Use those lanes. Leave the rest alone. Just because you deem somethings unhealthy and cannot take the fussing and whining and do not know how to say no does not give you the right to parent ALL of the checkout lanes. Order on line and have everything shipped to you in your little bubble safe world is also an option.

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