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US administration ‘100% certain’ about Russian hacking

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The US government has linked cyber-attacks to specific Russain keyboards.

The US administration “is 100% certain in the role that Russia played” in election-related hacking, State Department Spokesman John Kirby told CNN.

“There’s no question” about what Russia did to “sow doubt and confusion, and getting involved through the cyber domain, into our electoral process,” he told Christiane Amanpour on Tuesday.

“And that’s not just an assessment by the President or by Secretary Kerry or other Cabinet officials. It’s an assessment by the entire intelligence community,” he added.

President-elect Donald Trump has raised doubts about that assessment and suggested he has inside information about who was involved.

On January 15, he tweeted:

And three days earlier:

Kirby dismissed that notion.

“The information is there, and it’s rock solid. And we obviously would not have pursued the measures that we pursued without that level of certainty,” he said. “So, yes, we are a 100% certain.”

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  • Faux 6 is fake news

    Well it must be true if this info is from our corrupt State Department and reported by Drunk Don Lemon’s employer on behalf of Faux 6.

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