Wisconsin Senate leader says he’s open to toll roads: “Not something you want to take off the table”

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Toll Road

MADISON — The Republican leader of the Wisconsin state Senate says he is open to toll roads.

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said Tuesday at a news conference that adding toll roads in Wisconsin is “not going away” as part of the discussion about how to raise money to pay for roads. The state faces a nearly $1 billion transportation budget shortfall.

Fitzgerald says tolling is “not something you want to take off the table.”

Gov. Scott Walker has refused to raise gas taxes, vehicle registration fees or other fees to pay for roads without a comparable cut elsewhere. Republican legislative leaders say they still think cuts could be made to pay for increases to pay for roads.


  • Huh !

    What is wrong with “You Use It, You Pay For It” ?
    I’m disabled, on a fixed income and own one car for shopping, doctor appointments and that sort of general get around…I understand the roads I use need maintenance, so I don’t complain about a reasonable gas tax BUT, A Giant Wheel Tax, Higher Gas Tax and God Knows What’s Next, is for what…” So People With Jobs That Can Afford To Pay, People Who Are Using Our Roads For Vacation, Companies Trucking product through Or Employees That Travel Or Commute For Work…They Reap the Benefits and They Don’t Have To Pay……What’s Wrong With A Reasonable Toll at the State borders for visitors or those just passing through, those who are exempt from the Regular Wisconsin Tax Structure….Why do we have to pay for 1 piece of candy when they get the bag for free ???

  • Huh !

    Oh Yea, Don’t forget to add a single toll charge to visitors tickets when arriving from other states by air, bus or renting a car !

  • Benjamin Benish

    I’m sorry but budget analysis information from Illinois clearly states that they are making only a slight profit off the tolls because the expense of maintenance. Just like a trolley system. You want to get serious about income generation? Legalize Marijuana. Maybe you should raise the penalties and fines on businesses who violate Wisconsin laws, why don’t you go after companies who have lied to Wisconsin. Why don’t you stop letting good old boy politics get in the way of common sense. Stop trying to turn milwaukee into Chicago and Wisconsin into Illinois

    • Huh !

      Yes, but Illinois has multiple toll booths scattered throughout the state and each toll has a mega, multi lane approach/ exits and, is maintained along with the rest of the interstate freeway by the monies received by those tolls and, then there is a small profit remaining !

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