Cold Days, Hot Deals BACK at McDonald’s! Temperature is price for Quarter Pounder, Sausage McMuffin

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ANAHEIM, CA - MARCH 21: A customer orders McDonalds at the drive-through on March 21, 2007 in Anaheim, Calfornina. McDonald's have introduced the Angus Third Pounder range as part of their new image to include a new generation menu complete with salads and healthier food options. According to McDonald's, depending on the version, the Angus Third Pounder contains between 720 calories to 860 calories whereas a McDonald's double Quarter Pounder contains 740 calories and its Big Mac sandwich contains 540 calories. (Photo by Jamie Rector/Getty Images)

MILWAUKEE — As the mercury drops in southeastern Wisconsin, the deals will get hotter at participating McDonald’s restaurants.

For a limited time, McDonald’s will bring back the popular, “Cold Days, Hot Deals®” promotion.

As a reward for braving the cold weather, customers who buy one Quarter Pounder with Cheese® or Sausage McMuffin with Egg® at the regular price can purchase a second of the same item for the price of the previous day’s noon temperature.

For example, if the temperature is 11 degrees on Tuesday, the price of the second Quarter Pounder or Egg McMuffin on Wednesday will be only 11 cents. If the previous day’s temperature is zero or below, the second QPC or Egg McMuffin is FREE!

Temperatures will be recorded from the National Weather Service’s automated weather station at General Mitchell International Airport.

The official temperatures will then be posted at each participating McDonald’s location and on the @McDonaldsMKE Twitter page.

To heat things up more, McDonald’s will be giving away weather-related goodies all month long via Twitter.

From winter gloves to a sunshine-ready beach towel, followers who favorite and retweet the special giveaway tweets are automatically entered to win.

This builds momentum for one huge vacation package giveaway January 31st that includes a Southwest Airlines gift card and more McDonald’s gear.

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  • Debi Stein

    If there isn’t a promotional sign about the Cold Days, Hot Deals then that location isn’t participating. I wish there was a list of the participating locations on their website or facebook page.

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