“Didn’t do it:” Family of robbery suspect shot by CCW permit holder says there’s proof he wasn’t involved

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MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee man with a concealed carry permit shot and killed a 17-year-old and injured another suspect when they attempted to rob him at gunpoint on Milwaukee's south side December 27th. The family of the suspect in police custody claims their son played no role in the robbery -- and there's proof.

"I cry every single day since he's been gone. I've been crying," said Rozenia Brown, suspect's mother.

Rozenia Brown

Rozenia Brown

Henderson's mother on Wednesday, January 4th described the moment her son told her he'd been shot.

"I'm like 'where you coming from? Like, you just waking up?' He's like, 'Mom, I was in the backseat of a car asleep and I got shot in my arm and it woke me up,'" said Brown.

Henderson's mom said she was aware he was hanging with the wrong crowd.

Dantel Henderson

Dantel Henderson

Henderson is now facing a felony count of armed robbery, as party to a crime in connection with an armed robbery that happened on Milwaukee's east side on December 27th.

In his statement to police, Henderson admitted he was in a car with two males and a female. They "went to the east side to rob someone." One person held the victim at gunpoint, while Henderson picked his pockets.

The victim told police he was walking with another man when "a car pulled up. Suddenly, two men exited the car and approached him. One man pointed a gun at (the man's) head and demanded his property." The suspects apparently went through the man's pockets. The man's wallet and cell phone were taken.

His brother said Henderson should face the consequences for that robbery.

"Anything that he admitted to, anything that he said he was out there doing -- yes -- but anything that my little brother says he didn't do -- I believe it," said Charles Gray, suspect's brother.

The criminal complaint filed against Henderson says about an hour-and-a-half after the robbery on the east side, a similar robbery was attempted on Milwaukee's south side. In that incident, the complaint indicates "the intended robbery victim was armed. He shot and killed one robber and took a second shot at the robbers' car. Police came to suspect (Henderson) in both robbery incidents after (Henderson) turned up later that night with a gunshot wound to his arm."

Fatal shooting near 64th & Euclid

Fatal shooting near 63rd & Euclid

The incident on the south side is still being investigated.

Meanwhile, Henderson's family is worried he could face felony murder charges after 17-year-old Deonte Thomas' death. Thomas was shot by the CCW permit holder -- the victim of the attempted armed robbery on the south side. That man was out walking his dog when he was targeted, police said.

"I'm so hurt. I'm so lost because I can't believe my son is in a predicament like this," said Brown.

63rd and Euclid

63rd and Euclid

Dantel Henderson

Dantel Henderson

Investigators named Henderson as a suspect in both robberies, because he had a gunshot wound to the arm.

Henderson's family claims their son was sleeping in the backseat during the entire incident on the city's south side. His mother said the proof is in Henderson's jacket.

"They searched his jacket. They didn't see no bullet holes in the jacket at all. If he had been out the car, there would have been holes in his jacket," said Brown.

The coat was taken as evidence by police.

63rd and Euclid

63rd and Euclid

"If my little brother was outside of that car on the night as cold as that night was, he would have had a coat on. My little brother was using that coat as a pillow on the backseat of that car," said Gray.

FOX6 News was told no charges will be filed against the attempted robbery victim with the concealed carry permit who shot and killed Deonte Thomas.


  • ???

    …bless his heart but he admitted to robbing people…he got popped trying to rob someone…he should feel blessed he was murdered like his friend…confused because if a felony is being committed and someone dies as a result and u were involved,in legal terms u get charged with the murder…this has happened many times as time will tell…pray for peace and prepare for war…

  • Taquesha strong

    That’s the best excuse they have??? Hah!!! That’s so pathetic!! Lmao this guy is going down for felony murder and armed robbery.. what an idiot!! Good job MPD and CCW holder

  • Had enough

    What a dope. B!tch thinks just because her son didn’t have a jacket on automatically disqualifies him of a robbery charge? Get a clue, if he’s dumb enough to do a robbery, he’s dumb enough to go outside without his jacket. Smfh

  • Angry Blk man

    “My baby didn’t nuffin wrong! ” How about stopping your friends from doing robberies. That would been the noble thing to do. Lay down with dogs you might wake with flees. In this case a bullet in the arm.

  • Chris G

    Failed parent tossing the blame on others. Where’s the photo of the deceased holding a teddy bear sitting in church in a nice suit .. Typical nonsense. Up next is probably a civil suit so she can try to collect. Jesus I’m getting sick of this crap. People need to take out the trash more like this CCW holder did

  • #whitelivesmattermorebecausetheypayforstuff

    This is the pinnicle of the “dindu nuffin” mentality. I believe there is a social experiment going on and they are trying to find out how much BS productive tax paying citizens will tolerate before they start throwing these types of criminals into bottomless holes. Dantel you have just taken the experiment up a notch with this one.

  • Opinion8d

    You have got to be kidding me….what a culture. Can’t believe a word they say….ignorant ask fuchs

  • Charles

    I’m so glad the mom decided to speak out. Now i understand why her son is so f ing stupid.
    Stick up boys get what they deserve! I pray to God they charge him with his stick up buddy’s murder. The only thing the robbery victim did wrong was not killing both of them!

  • PH

    He was sleeping eh? His buddy decides to just go out and rob someone, while Dantrel sleeps in the backseat? Seems plausible, robbery is demanding job, probably got tired had a long day.

  • Realist

    To do list: stop hanging with gun wielding low life thugs who commit drive-by felonies.
    How many times have we all said that? It was probably one of his New Year resolutions.

  • Diane Kirsch

    If that is the case, why would he keep being in the company of ‘thugs’ like that, knowing full well about robbing people, etc… ? Why wouldn’t he jump out of the car? Why would you have ‘friends’ that did this kind of thing? Even if he was sleeping in the back seat, he is an accomplice.

  • Philip Schwigel

    Everybody keeps saying they picked the wrong guy to rob. I keep saying they picked the right guy.

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