“It is bittersweet:” Green Bay prepares for Packers fans to descend on Lambeau Field

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GREEN BAY -- It is a green and gold Friday up in Green Bay, and across the entire state of Wisconsin! The Green Bay Packers will take part in Wild Card Weekend Sunday afternoon, January 8th, when they host the New York Giants.pack2

There are plenty of ways to know it's still Packers season in Green Bay. Signs in storefront windows, slogans on the city buses -- and there's always the cheesehead on top of Dino the Dinosaur.

"It's up till they lose their last game," said Brad Cherney, Dino Stop team leader.pack4

The Pack of course haven't lost in almost two months. And the Dino Stop is one of the numerous businesses that will cash in, as fans descend on Lambeau FIeld for Sunday's playoff opener against the Giants.pack3

The Pack of course haven`t lost in almost two months. And the Dino Stop is one of the numerous businesses that will cash in, as fans descend on the frozen tundra for Sunday`s playoff opener against the Giants.

"There is a city tax, a 400% increase for Giants fans, or opposing fans. No, we serve everybody regardless," said Cherney.

While the big influx of people will come this weekend, some couldn't wait to catch a bit of green and gold fever.pack

"Always wanted to come here, so I'm here -- yay," said Sandy Storm, from Beresford, South Dakota.

"There's just a presence about Lambeau Field. Really love being here," said Marcia Riendeau, from Wild Rose, Wisconsin.

Now it may sound odd, but there are some people around town -- even lifelong Packers fans -- who were not entirely enthused when Green Bay clinched that NFC North division title. That would be crews who are setting up tents and working in zero degree temperatures to get ready for the weekend.pack6

"It is bittersweet. When the game ended, reality sunk in that we have to put up nine or ten more tents. That kind of ruined my celebration a little bit," said Tony Engebos, Green Bay Exposition Services.pack7

After all, a playoff weekend in Titletown can chill you to the bone if you're not prepared for the it.