TMZ: Doctors say Charles Manson too weak for surgery to deal with intestinal bleeding

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Charles Manson

Charles Manson was supposed to have surgery Thursday night for intestinal bleeding, but doctors determined he was too weak and the procedure too risky, TMZ has learned.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ Manson was taken from Corcoran State Prison to a Bakersfield hospital a few days ago because of a lesion in his intestines that was causing significant bleeding.

Doctors wanted to perform surgery shortly after the 82-year-old arrived at the hospital but he refused.

TMZ’s sources say Thursday Manson had a change of heart and agreed to the surgery, but during pre-op doctors determined he needed to go under the knife but felt it was life-threatening because his condition was too weak.

Manson remains at the hospital and doctors are trying to figure out their next move.


  • Sadie Havenbrooke

    wonder how that conversation went between dr and patient.. “umm Mr Manson… we’re going to run more tests.”

  • marcus wilson

    this jack ass may have escaped the death penalty but he can’t escape his useless body breaking down hope your suffering you creep

  • Suzylnn

    There are no real consequences for serious crimes/criminals in California and practically zero law enforcement on drugs. Felonies are a mere slap on the wrist here. Dangerous drugs such as heroin & meth are a misdemeanor in California. (unless being sold in large quantity….WHAT???) California serves little to NO justice to victim’s but coddles/protects their criminals. Some of the most brutal criminals are made celebrities in this state. EXAMPLE: Manson is still alive and considered very news worthy. The victims and tax payers have paid, still paying, for Manson’s medical treatments, to house and feed him. Justice would have put him to death back in the 1970’s. California’s death penalty is no more than a bogus threat criminals and sympathizers count on. California is the prime example of no consequences for crimes, where drugs are legal and sentence to crimes are not made speedily if at all. California law makers care nothing about the people. It’s money over justice ruled by lobbyist. This is a celebrity state where money & greed prevail. Though California is the most beautiful state in the US with the most to offer families. Due to this greedy corruption, we have drug/sex traffickers ruling the streets and cities of California. No respect for law enforcement instead there is boldness in the hearts of our young and rightly angry. There is no fear of consequences because there are none in California. No matter what the crime! California allows it’s agencies, activist, sympathizers for criminals to overrule LAW! Police officers no longer have superior authority and cannot enforce what laws are passed. People are fighting, screaming, standing up for their rights, chaos, rudeness, HATE, rape, murderers every where. Right is wrong and wrong is right in the beautiful state of California….sadly!

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