Victim of domestic violence has message for others in similar situations: “It’s not worth dying over”

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MILWAUKEE -- Frustrated and scared with a feeling of no place to turn, a victim of domestic violence reaches out to FOX6 News for help -- and gives a message to others in similar

With several recent domestic related homicides in the Milwaukee area, a woman we'll call "Kim," refuses to be a victim.

"It's not worth dying over. I feel like there is hope," said Kim,

FOX6 News is concealing her identity for her safety. Kim reached out for help with a dangerous situation.

"It's like a fatal attraction," said Kim.

She got a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend.

"He would put his hands on me a lot. He tried to set my old duplex on fire," Kim said.

But Kim worries that document is not protecting her.

"He ended up violating again," said Kim.

Now the suspects has warrants out for his arrest, as he faces 12 counts related to the threats and violation of the domestic abuse injunction. Each day he is on the streets, fear continues to grow.

"Saying he was going to kill me and my baby," said Kim.

We put Kim in contact with the Sojourner Family Peace Center.

Sojourner Family Peace Center

Sojourner Family Peace Center

"We operate in three essential areas; crisis housing for people who need a safe place to live and be, we do individual support and systems advocacy," said President of the Sojourner Family Peace Center, Carmen Pitre.

Carmen Pitre

Carmen Pitre

The agency is a safe haven and it works in partnership with the law to help victims and hold suspects accountable.

"We can help people navigate the criminal and civil system from start to finish. Have their voice heard so the best decision can be made," said Pitre.

The organization deals with many high risk cases and it's imperative for victims to reach out.

"You are not alone, it's not your fault and we will help. We take safety very seriously and I know all our partners do as well," said Pitre.

Sojourner Family Peace Center

Sojourner Family Peace Center

If you are in fear or need some assistance regarding your domestic violence situation, you can get help 24-hours a day. Just call the hotline at 414-933-2722.

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