Woman uses dog sled over car after winter storm

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OREGON — An Oregon woman realized taking the car may not be the wisest move after a snowstorm hit her town she opted to get her errands done in one of the more wintry ways possible.

According to KOBI, McKenzie Mayor is a competitive dog sledder. After waking up to inches of snow earlier this week, she decided to mush her way to the store.

“I loved it! It was just weird because I never thought in a million years I could go mushing down my street,” said Mayor.

Although riding through the streets did come with its challenges, Mayor says the snow wasn’t deep enough to use her brake, so she had to make adjustments.

“What you can do when you’re going is you step on it and it slow you down,” Mayor said.

No matter the circumstances, Mayor says her and her dogs greatly enjoy the journey.