“So happy right now!” Fans shed tears of joy in Milwaukee after Packers WIN vs. Giants at Lambeau

MILWAUKEE -- Some Green Bay Packers fans were moved to tears by the team's playoff victory Sunday, January 8th vs. the New York Giants at Lambeau Field!

Packers games always draw a big crowd at Steny's Tavern & Grille near 2nd and National in Walker's Point. On Sunday, more than 200 packed the bar and celebrated the huge playoff victory.

Amanda Kapczynski

Amanda Kapczynski

Every high and low of this Green Bay Packers season has been experienced by Amanda Kapczynski and her friends at Steny's.

"You`ve got to be a fan until the end!" Kapczynski said. "We come with the same people. Every week. Wear the same clothes and socks. These are some Packers Christmas socks right here!"

Amanda Kapczynski

Amanda Kapczynski

It's OK to go a little wild for the Wild Card playoff game -- just ask Rob Hesselberg.

"I`m so happy right now, man. You just don`t understand!" Hesselberg said.

Rob Hesselberg

Rob Hesselberg

Hesselberg was brought to tears by Sunday's victory over the Giants -- a huge payoff for fans, especially when you consider how the Packers got there.

"We had a rough, like, 4-9 games in the season," Hesselberg said.

Packers party at Steny's

The celebration was shared by fans at Steny's Sunday with a deafening roar.

"We get pretty busy for all the Packers games," Jerry Steny, Steny's owner said.

Steny said Sunday he's already looking beyond next week's critical game against the Dallas Cowboys.

Packers party at Steny's

"We`re looking into the Super Bowl already," Steny said.

As much as he wants to see the Lombardi Trophy back home, Sam Knapp said Sunday he was soaking in the big win vs. the Giants.

"I`m terrified of Dallas right now," Knapp said. "It`s going to be a rough day (Monday) at work. That`s all I`m going to say."

Packers party at Steny's

A lot of the nerves fans were feeling about playing Dallas on Sunday, January 15th seemed to fade with each quarter of Sunday's game vs. the Giants.

More tears of joy will likely be shed next Sunday if there's a repeat Packers victory.

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