Man receives $128 ticket for warming up car in his own driveway

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ROSEVILLE, Mich. — A Michigan man is furious after he was ticketed $128 for warming up his car in his own driveway.

On Jan. 2nd, Nick Taylor started his car to warm it up before going inside for five minutes, Click on Detroit reports. When he went outside to check the vehicle, he discovered a ticket that read, “vehicle parked in drive with keys in ignition, motor running — no one around.”

Roseville Police Chief James Berlin says leaving the key in your vehicle while it is unattended is “a public safety issue.” If you use a remote starter and the key isn’t in the car, it is OK.

On Thursday, an angry Taylor took to Facebook about the incident.

“Let’s all take a moment to thank officer dip**** K. Keary for wasting the taxpayer’s money and giving me a ticket for warming up my car in my own driveway,” the post read.

“Unattended car?” Taylor said. “I’ve done this every day for seven years. Every person warms up their car. We live in Michigan.”

Hundreds of people replied to the post, many wondering why this is something police would ticket.

One post read, “This is so unnecessary” while another simply asked “why.”

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  • 2017willbebetter

    Sounds like an easy ticket-it is your own driveway. I’ve already been in my car, fired it up, yelled an obscenity, ran back into house to get: list, purse, water, work papers, etc. And yep, left it running while I ran back in. If it’s not on the books, it’s not a citation. This wasn’t in front of the post office, gas station, etc. it was the man’s own driveway.

    • Melanie

      So, all of the police cruisers I see warming up outside of the cop shop every morning with keys in their ignition is…. not a public safety issue? hmmmmm.

  • James Brigham (Bigg) Bunyon

    When I got my driver’s license in 1962, my mom told me never to leave the keys in the car … period. I took that to heart. My wife is from Michigan, Muskegon to be exact, and when we’ve visited for Christmas, I never leave the keys in the car … period. My practice is to sit in the car as it warms, but different strokes for different folks; my way does seem cheaper. We’ve never heard about any kind of city ordinance on unattended keyed cars; we just do what makes sense to us. If need be, I get ready to go somewhere a bit early so I can sit and drink my coffee in the car. Bless his heart though, $128 is a rather big pill to swallow for him maybe. If he doesn’t agree with, go to court. That’s what they’re for.

  • Karma is coming for you Oink :D

    The swine is lucky it wasn’t in texas, then there would have been a pig on a stick for tresspassing

  • Come on people

    Yeah he got a ticket! It is illegal to do that! If it’s such an inconvenience for you people, then wait until your car is stolen and see what an inconvenience that is. Oh and if your car is stolen, then call your mom instead of the police. Cry to her

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