Surge Martial Arts believes in building “integrity, self-esteem and confidence”

MENOMONEE FALLS -- Brian is ditching his jeans and button up for active wear. He spent the morning trying to master Martial Arts in Menomonee Falls. That's where on of two Surge Martial Arts locations are.

About Surge Martial Arts (website)

We founded Surge Martial Arts with the intent to create a truly student centered environment who’s core principle is to value our members. We believe building integrity, self-esteem and confidence is our foundation. We believe that humbleness defines Martial Arts. We believe techniques without character are simply movements through empty space. We believe personal growth through virtues brings meaning to this art. We believe students bring their own unique skills and physical abilities that should be valued on their own merits. We gauge techniques, dedication and progress through the lens of each student’s potential, we do not compare to others. We believe that instruction is a symbiotic process, as each student develops, our instructors are richer for the experience. We foster personal growth, not personal ego. We believe that true profit is driven from student achievement and pride, not monetary reward. We develop together as a team promoting common values, not selfish pursuits.