Mixed emotions felt ahead of President Barack Obama’s farewell address

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MILWAUKEE -- As we get closer to a transition of power in the White House, we're seeing different emotions. Some people FOX6 News spoke with Tuesday, January 10th said they're ready to just move on -- while others said they're savoring the final days of the President Barack Obama presidency.obama-presidency

At Caspar's Lounge at 13th and Keefe, they call Louisiana native George Watt "Gator Man."

At 80 years old, Watt, who's retired from A.O. Smith, said the re-election of President Barack Obama is among the highlights of his life.

"It was one of the greatest things that ever happened to me because I never thought I would live to see an Afro-American president," said Watt.

George Watt

George Watt

Watt said he believes that if the president's legacy is tarnished in any way, it's because of obstruction from others.

"I don't think he got the proper support that he should've gotten. That I don't believe. I believe the country would've been better off had he got the support," said Watt.

The feelings were very different at Burgey's Pub in Caledonia.

"It can't come fast enough for me," said Dan, who voted against Obama.

Dan didn't want to provide his last name, but said he voted against President Obama twice. The retired GM worker believes the last eight years justify those votes.obama-presidency3

"It seems tensions have gotten way, way worse. I don't remember race relations being as bad as they've been since the 60s," said Dan.



Dan said he thinks the president's legacy is presiding over a time when thoughts and words are closely policed.

"Anyone who doesn't agree with their political ideas is just in the crosshairs," said Dan.

Both men said they hope to see a more united country in the coming years. Watt said he hopes that process starts before this administration ends.

"He's not just a Democratic person. He's for all people. Support him," Watt said.

President Obama is set to make his farewell address to the nation on Tuesday evening, January 10th.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett will listen to that speech in person in Chicago. Mayor Barrett told FOX6 News he was approached by the White House and offered two tickets. He’s taking his daughter.