Charged 7 months later, Brookfield woman accused of hitting pedestrians with vehicle; killing 1

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WAUKESHA COUNTY -- A Brookfield woman faces four felonies after police say she struck two pedestrians at Greenfield and Moorland on June 19th. The charges were filed on January 6th -- nearly seven months after the crash.

Elizabeth Guhl

Elizabeth Guhl

24-year-old Elizabeth Guhl faces the following charges:

  • Homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle
  • Homicide by use of a vehicle with PAC
  • Injury by intoxicated use of a vehicle
  • Injury by use of a vehicle with PAC

On June 19th, two female pedestrians, ages 57 and 63 visiting from Missouri were struck while they were crossing the street. The 57-year-old later died from her injuries.

According to court documents, prosecutors allege Guhl and a friend were out at a Mexican restaurant in Brookfield. Police say the friend had an allergic reaction while drinking his margarita. The bartender told investigators he witnessed Guhl drink her margarita and then some of her friend's drink.

Laredo's in Brookfield

Moorland and Greenfield in Brookfield

Moorland and Greenfield in Brookfield

Guhl was allegedly in the left turn lane at Moorland and Greenfield when DOT cameras show she had a green arrow, but her vehicle did not move.

The driver behind Guhl allegedly honked, which prompted Guhl to proceed through the intersection.

Police say the two women were in the crosswalk while the "don't walk" signal was flashing.

Fatal crash in Brookfield

Police say Guhl didn't appear intoxicated. She consented to a blood draw, and family members of the victim told FOX6 News toxicology results took months, which is why it took so long for charges to be filed.

Investigators say Guhl's BAC was .106 -- well over the legal limit.

Fatal crash in Brookfield

Guhl's attorney spoke with FOX6 News by telephone on Thursday, January 12th. He explained he has not seen the toxicology results yet. He said he expects the victims crossing against the "don't walk" signal will play a role in this case.

Guhl made her initial appearance in court in this case on Thursday morning. She is out of custody on a $25,000 signature bond.

She has a preliminary hearing scheduled for February 10th.


  • Opinion8d

    A sad situation, but I don’t think the driver should be convicted. Hopefully a change of venue will occur as well since this slanted story has been made public. Realistically, the guy that honked his horn could be in some manner accountable… startling is that??? If they were crossing against the light at night, I think it will complicate the issue.. While I don’t have all the facts of the case, I don’t think just because her BAC is over 0.10 that should she be convicted. Lots of variables here……

    • Peanut

      i dont know, if you are too intoxicated to notice a green light, you are definitely too intoxicated to drive. the guy who honked his horn definitely complicated the situation and i would love if he had had his blood drawn too if he didnt notice people crossing the street. definitely an arshole move by fox for publishing the story, though since its so unimportant and could influence a jury.

      also, how strong or big of drinks are they mixing that two drinks put a person past .1? i need to start going there (and of course ubering home) lol

      • Shavon

        If a driver cannot react in a decent manner and have a BAC of over the legal limit, she is ALL at fault. The pedestrians do not have a role to play in this as being in the wrong. What if they were stopped because of something? The mentality that they had anything to do with this driver is awful and wrong. She should be held accountable and needs to be punished. She took the life of an innocent person that was in the crosswalk.

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