Governor Walker pays off presidential campaign debt

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Governor Scott Walker

MADISON — Gov. Scott Walker has fully paid off the debt he accrued during his short-lived presidential run.

Walker owed $1.2 million when he dropped out of the race in 2015 after 71 days. By the end of November, he had paid all but $140,000. Walker had promised to pay off all the debt by the end of 2016.

Walker campaign adviser Joe Fadness said in a memo to Walker on Friday that the debt has been erased thanks to robust fundraising in December. He hinted that the strong fundraising in December shows Walker is in a good position for a third gubernatorial run.

Fadness told Walker he’s showing strength at a crucial time and noted the governor has about 30 fundraising events scheduled for the first half of 2017.


  • wheresthebeef

    Thanks for the update. I was wondering if Scottie had gotten around to reimbursing us for his laughable presidential run. How much interest did the citizens of Wisconsin receive from him, for loaning all that money?

  • Texas

    Walker Derangement Syndrome. It is on a level equal to or greater than Bush Derangement Syndrome, but nowhere near close to Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    His presidential campaign was poor, but he has been a great governor. It’s only too bad those Democrats that cowardly ran off to Illinois, in protest, did not stay there. I am thankful each and every day that I can sit back and see the hatred flow from the so called tolerant leftists.

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