Bound over for trial: Man accused in fatal attack on estranged wife waives preliminary hearing

MILWAUKEE COUNTY -- The judicial clock is now ticking for a former fugitive after allegedly killing his estranged wife on Milwaukee's south side. The brutal killing happened five years ago. He was in court on Friday, January 13th -- and so was the victim's family.

Jose Luis Discua-Bados

Jose Luis Discua-Bados

After nearly five years on the run, Jose Luis Discua-Bados appeared in a Milwaukee County Courtroom on Friday. To the somewhat delight to the family of the woman he's accused of killing.dayana-garcia

"It's a bittersweet moment. It's a lot of emotions. You're happy, you're frustrated," said Claudia Rosete Hernandez, victim's cousin.

Claudia Rosete Hernandez

Claudia Rosete Hernandez

In January of 2012 on Milwaukee south side, Discua-Bados is accused of brutally attacking his estranged wife, Dayana Garcia. Investigators say Discua-Bados repeatedly hit her in the head with a two-by-four and eventually stabbed her to death in front of Garcia's grandmother.

"Just the way she was taken, it's not fair and that's what hurts and that's what infuriates us," said Hernandez.

Not knowing where Discua-Bados had gone was frustrating for Claudia Rosete Hernandez, and the rest of Dayana Garcia's family.

Dayana Garcia

Dayana Garcia

"We had no idea where he was, if he fled the country, if he was still here -- we had no idea. It was a needle in a haystack," said Hernandez.jose-luis-discua-bados2

Many feared the Honduras-native fled the country, but nearly five years later he was arrested for drunk driving in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Hernandez is just grateful the Tulsa officer was able to connect Biscua-Bados, who was using an alias, back to Milwaukee.

"I don't know who you are but it does not matter. Thank you. Wherever you are. God bless you and God bless your family," said Hernandez.

Discua-Bados waived his preliminary hearing so the case of first-degree intentional homicide is on track for trial.

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