Milwaukee police LOCATE witness in BP gas station homicide

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Homicide at gas station near 26th & Lisbon

MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee police told FOX6 News on Monday, January 16th, they have identified the person they believe was a witness to the murder of a BP gas station employee near 26th and Lisbon on Thursday, January 5th.

The gas station employee, identified as Harjinder Singh, was 34 years old, and died from injuries suffered during a struggle with a shoplifting suspect.

Police confirmed the weapon that ended his life was a baseball bat.

According to police, the witness was present at the beginning of the incident. Police wanted to question him after this homicide and asked for the public’s help locating him.

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  • Dlux

    Let me save you the trouble MPD. “Dindu nuffin. Dinsee nuffin.” There is your witness statement. Snitches get stitches so the code of silence is strong in the hood.

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