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“Really popular:” Packers winning streak boosts Brew City Brand Apparel’s T-shirt sales

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee-area businesses are getting a boost thanks to the Green Bay Packers playoff success, including Brew City Brand Apparel -- where they're printing T-shirts non-stop!

This season, there certainly are plenty of ideas for what to put on the shirts. One of the new shirts says: "Run the Table." Another says: "Hail Yeah!"

A co-owner said the ideas usually don't come until after the big games, but that's part of the reason they work so well.


"They're really popular and it's not necessarily because it's a T-shirt or because we designed it. It's because we're connecting with something -- connecting someone with what they're thinking, and they're having fun with it and they're like 'I need to have that,'" said Frank Keppler, Brew City Brand Apparel co-owner.

Brew City Brand Apparel has been making shirts for 30 years.

You can find their T-shirts inside the Milwaukee Public Market, the Grand Avenue Mall and online.