“We are not afraid:” Milwaukee County Board passes anti-discrimination resolution

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MILWAUKEE COUNTY -- The Milwaukee County Board went on record Thursday, February 2nd against President Donald Trump's recent executive order on immigration. Board supervisors voted to approve an anti-discrimination resolution that pledges Milwaukee will remain a place where undocumented immigrants are welcome, regardless of the law. co-board

After two hours of a sometimes impassioned debate between Milwaukee County supervisors, a loud round of applause came from the crowd following a vote approving the anti-discrimination resolution before the Milwaukee County Board.

"We set a strong policy today going forward on record, stating that we're in opposition to the divisive and hateful attacks that have come from President Trump," said Milwaukee County Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic.co-board2

Dimitrijevic said she wrote the policy in response to President Trump's executive order, which intends to crack down on communities that don't turn over undocumented immigrants to federal agents.

"We don't know what's going to happen there. It could really do a lot of detriment to Milwaukee County services," said Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander. co-board-meeting

Dimitrijevic said Thursday's vote sends a message to the rest of the state.

Marina Dimitrijevic

Marina Dimitrijevic

"That we are not afraid. That we will not be bullied. And that really, Milwaukee is the economic engine of the state of Wisconsin, and that engine has been built on the backs of immigrants," said Dimitrijevic.

The resolution also encourages Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke not to use his deputies as homeland security and ICE agents. Sheriff Clarke has said his office will cooperate with all law enforcement agencies -- adding that ICE agents have access to county facilities.



  • Huh !

    I have a problem with this whole idea of not having to identify yourself to law enforcement …. If you if you haven’t committed a crime or are a legal resident of the U.S. there shouldn’t be a problem…Too many laws to protect law breakers !!!
    I’d like to know if any/all of those Milwaukee County supervisors are paid officials and if they think they should stay paid if we lose any federal funding ?

  • really

    It’s was amazing to see the democratic machine blow a gasket and spin into a heap of trash after Trump won. The snowflakes were standing around scratching their heads wondering how it broke.

  • deleted again

    Year after year the murder rate in Milwaukee increases and nothing is done to stop it. This is just another case of empowering criminals.
    IF you are an American and don’t break the law, If you are an immigrant with papers, there is no problem.
    EVERYONE regardless of race, religion, gender identity or color should be required to carry a photo ID and papers to show they are in America legally!! No discrimination that way. No ID means you are a criminal.

  • Chrisco

    Can I have your address? I need a new place to stay free of charge. I do not need a key as I will be able to find a rock. I do expect to be rewarded for my time spent living for free in your house.

  • Andy G

    I do feel sorry for the people of milwaukee having to put up with this kind of crap, of having to paying high taxes to care for people that a there illegally. One would think that having illegal immigrants is illegal, but I guess the nobles of milwaukee do the thinking for there peasants in which they rule.

  • polymorph

    Anti-discrimination is one thing but they’re talking about letting illegals stay in a city already full of criminals and protecting them from federal law. These people need to be removed.

  • Lee Mac

    I find it interesting that there were people there (“100 or so”) to SUPPORT this. Noone else knew about this. I’m sure that was by design and I’m sure there would’ve been many more there that are AGAINST this. Sneaky and shameful government. Guaranteed, Mayor Barrett is going to lose more TAX-PAYING residents.

  • Trina

    It’s amazing the level of services the illegals receive for free. They have a husband working for cash the momma pops out a 3 or 4 children, they all receive quite a few benefits, possibly more than the average American family. I hope they all stay and work and become citizens eventually through fair process as they are hard working and benefit the U.S. They must start all paying into the system though. Does that make sense or am I just a stupid trump voter.

    • Michael corrleeone

      The lefty liberal feel good term is undocumented, illegal alien is used by everyone else including the immigration and customs enforcement under homeland security. For example, the guy that shot and killed the girl in California, he is an illegal alien, undocumented but not an immigrant. Same goes for the drunk driver that killed a couple young girls they are undocumented and not immigrants thus illegal alien. just sayin.

  • Andy G

    What are the names of the Milwaukee county board members that passed the anti-discrimination resolution, and does this also protest pedifiles and other lawbreakers, so as not to be discriminatory ???

  • Charles

    I don’t want to be around when Trump pulls all Federal aid from here! This city already looks like trash and is a haven for criminals! Once the feds pull out it will be worse than ever in this city…..

  • Z

    Are these people just this willfully stupid?

    “Board supervisors voted to approve an anti-discrimination resolution that pledges Milwaukee will remain a place where undocumented immigrants are welcome, regardless of the law.”

    Undocumented means ILLEGAL as in breaking the law. This means all these officials are in violation of law. They should all be removed from their positions and prosecuted.

  • lovin2017sofar

    I feel discriminated against as a tax paying, law abiding citizen when the wants of someone who is hiding from prosecution in another country gets to take refuge here, and the locals refuse to cooperate with the feds.

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