Uncertainty ahead: Local leaders weigh in on US travel ban

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MILWAUKEE -- The Justice Department is appealing Friday's ruling that put a stop to President Donald Trump's temporary travel ban. Meanwhile, the State Department is reinstating revoked visas and some airlines are allowing those affected fly. Here at home, leaders on both sides of the issue are wondering what will come next.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Those in favor of the ban are saying security needs to be a top priority and believe President Trump's executive order will be upheld in court. Those against it feel this is turning into one of the most unstable times of the Muslim community as a whole.

"I can tell you this: it has been a crazy couple of days for the Muslim community," said Islamic Society of Milwaukee President, Ahmed Quereshi.immigration-ban-reaction

Islamic leaders like Ahmed Quereshi, tell FOX6 News there are countless rumors surrounding the immigration ban.

"Muslim attorneys and immigration attorneys have been fielding phone calls nonstop," said Quereshi.

Ahmed Quereshi

Ahmed Quereshi

He believes Friday night's nationwide injunction will lead to more uncertainty. As a practicing attorney, he's now advising green card holders avoid international travel.

"If they can delay travel to delay travel and not leave the country," said Quereshi.

Senator Ron Johnson spoke on the executive order during a thank you tour of his re-election in Green Bay.

"I think it is unfortunate that courts have been overruling this executive order," said Johnson.immigration-ban-reaction3

Meanwhile at a Saturday morning event, Governor Scott Walker says he's not surprised by the courts involvement.

"Well with any of these policies we are well familiar with the court stepping in on issues they disagree with," said Walker.

Scott Walker

Scott Walker

Walker feels the executive action of President Trump will ultimately prevail.immigration-ban-reaction4

"I think as long as the administration makes a priority out of safety with a focal point of this and any current or any future executive action on this matter is about security and not about other issues, will ultimately be upheld in court," said Walker.

Senator Johnson argues there's still compassion in the ban. For instance, the recent approval of an Iranian infant in need of surgery.

"We are trying to do everything we can in the executive order to continue to convey a compassionate nation," said Johnson.immigration-ban-reaction6

However, leaders like Quereshi say this ban is causing families to be torn apart and feels there's more to it than just security concerns.

"I struggle to see where the compassion is. I see where the motivation is to ban Muslims or as many Muslims as they can from entering the country," said Quereshi.

There will be a gathering next Tuesday, February 7th, where faith and community organizations will meet in support of immigrants and refugees.