“We want to honor them:” Students make Valentine’s Day cards for veterans

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MENOMONEE FALLS -- Valentine's Day doesn't always have to be about romance. Sometimes it's just about letting someone know you care. That's what some Menomonee Falls students want to show the veterans at the Milwaukee's VA Medical Center.

Cards for Vets"At one time they did something for us. We need to do something nice for them," said Evan Abrahamson, eighth grade student.

Students at Menomonee Falls North Middle School are making Valentine's Day cards for Milwaukee-area veterans.

"We want to honor them and respect them," said Darlene Riefel, North Middle School web leader co-adviser.

More than 100 sixth and seventh grade students are participating in the project. They'll deliver cards to vets at the Zablocki VA Medical Center.

Cards for Vets

Cards for Vets

"The reactions in the past have been so heartfelt -- thanking the kids, holding their hand, crying, giving hugs," said Riefel. "I think the best quote I have from a gentleman last year goes, 'you honestly remembered us. You're teaching that in school. You know who we are.' I still get goosebumps when I think about that statement."

Cards for VetsIt is an assignment that for some students is very personal.

"My grandpa is a veteran and so is my dad, so I feel like they are a big part of history. I hope that my card will make someone feel respected and not alone, and that I actually care about them, because I do," said Elisabeth Holst, eighth grade student.

The students will hand-deliver the cards on Monday, February 13th. Valentine's Day is Tuesday. Cards for Vets