Gov. Scott Walker supports measure that would legalize use of CBD oil

CBD oil

CBD oil

MADISON — Gov. Scott Walker says he supports a measure that would legalize possession of a marijuana extract used to treat seizures.

Walker told reporters Wednesday that he’s mainly concerned about opening the door to full-fledged legalization of marijuana but the bill appears to be crafted narrowly enough to avoid that.

The bill legalizes possession of cannabidiol oil with a doctor’s certification. The oil doesn’t produce a high. The Senate overwhelmingly passed the measure last week. The Assembly Committee on Children and Families was set to hold a public hearing on the bill Wednesday.

The Assembly passed a similar measure last session but it died in the Senate.

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  • Trump Toadie

    What is he on drugs?! This is a slippery slope. Reefer is a gateway drug! Next thing everybody in Wisconsin is gonna be drunk as hell and the state is gonna be dead last for economic freedom and upward mobility! Oh wait…

  • Scott Walker Destroyed Wisconsin

    Oh no the sky is going to fall any minute now! Wisconsin Retardican’ts have gotten their undies in such a bundle over nonpsychoactive CBD oil for little kids with epilepsy meanwhile Minnesota and the rest of the country is ending the abject failure of cannabis prohibition and respecting responsible adult use aka basic civil rights and freedom. Wisconsin is in the Dark Ages. It’s the Mississippi of the Midwest! Evetybody is so drunk even if the dumb state ever ended Prohibition nobody would ever notice. Wisconsin=FAIL!