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A pair of young students wowed some of the top toy makers in the country

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MILWAUKEE -- Using cutting edge technology and their own ingenuity, a pair of young students wowed some of the top toy makers in the country. And now they're on their way to New York City. Carl spent the morning at Waukesha STEM Academy learning all about it.

About Waukesha STEM Academy (website)

The Waukesha STEM Academy is a K-8 Charter School that inspires over 800 students to become active participants in learning. The school is designed around a STEM Curriculum brought to life with instructional Strategies That Engage Minds. As a STEM School we have a curriculum focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math...or what we call the 'What' of STEM Education. Equally important is our focus on the 'How' of STEM, which we define as Strategies That Engage Minds. Together the 'What' and the 'How' come together to create a dynamic 21st Century learning environment.