“I’m shocked!” Police investigate break-in Aurora Pharmacy in Greenfield in the middle of the night

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GREENFIELD -- Greenfield police are investigating a smash-and-grab break-in that happened at a pharmacy.

"We`re back. The SAC is back," Mike Ludens with the Southridge Athletic Club said.

rob1But just two weeks into the reopening of Greenfield's SAC, on Thursday, February 16th there was a break-in at the Aurora Pharmacy adjacent to the club -- near 69th and Edgerton.

"For the most part, you don't hear about that too often in Greenfield. We're just trying to create as good of a service as we can for everybody, and make it safe -- whether it's that parking lot or the one next door," Ludens said.

"I`m shocked! I can't believe people would stoop that low -- to go into a pharmacy," Wade Griffin said.

Aurora Pharmacy robbed

Aurora Pharmacy robbed

Police said it happened around 4:00 a.m. Thursday. Multiple masked suspects broke the window and began tampering with registers. It's unclear whether any money was taken.

pharmacy2A police sergeant said investigators are reviewing surveillance video.

At this point, it is not believed any pharmaceuticals were stolen, as the area where they are stored remained secure Thursday.

Ludens said the crime had him thinking a little differently.

"We don't have that stuff here, so I don't have to worry about that, thank God. We're actually on the other end of that spectrum. It's in the back of your head, yeah. I mean, any time there's security issues in your surrounding neighborhood, you have to kinda pay attention to that," Luden said.

Greenfield police said they're in the early stages of their investigation, and would appreciate any help the public can provide. If you have any information, you're asked to give them a call at 414-761-5300.




  • Truth Seeker

    Probably for opiates. Big epidemic, we will see more and more of this. Won’t be long when pharmacies will have armed security guards.

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