Museum removes every piece of art created by immigrants

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Starting Thursday, Feb. 16, 2017 and lasting through President's Day weekend, all work created or donated by immigrants will no longer be displayed The Davis Museum at Wellesley College in Massachusetts. Credit: Davis Museum at Wellesley College

Starting today and lasting through President’s Day weekend, all work created or donated by immigrants will no longer be displayed The Davis Museum at Wellesley College in Massachusetts.

Instead, curators will drape black cloth over cases, and line the walls with labels that say “Created by an immigrant.”

They are calling the initiative: “Art-Less.” And it’s meant to highlight immigrants’ impact, even in the world of art.

“We have removed or cloaked these works to demonstrate symbolically what the Davis Museum would look like without their contributions to our collections and to Wellesley College, and to thereby honor their many invaluable gifts,” the museum said.

One of the main works missing is the portrait of George Washington.

Not only was the painting created by Adolf Ulrik Wertm├╝ller, an immigrant who came to the US in the 1790s, but the work was also donated to the Davis Museum by an immigrant family.

The museum says approximately 20 percent of the work in its permanent galleries were either created or donated by immigrants.


  • Opinion8d

    What a way to perpetuate ignorance……I’m tired of people people using the ‘we’re all immigrants’ line as if our ancestors came into the country illegally. Yes, almost everyone here is probably a descendant of an immigrant. That was over a hundred years ago and they came legally -things are a little different now. If someone was too sick, they were not allowed in!!!

  • tony65

    Burglars are not uninvited house guests.

    Car-jackers are not under-rated drivers.

    Bank robbers are not making unauthorized withdrawals.

    Illegal aliens are not undocumented immigrants.

  • Huh !

    How about we have a “STAY INDOORS ILLEGAL ALIEN DAY” to see what impact on businesses, art and crime it has on the country ???

    One question…How many of those so called Dreamers have attempted to apply for LEGAL ENTRY and/or CITIZENSHIP ?

  • Paul Horsfield

    Sticking with the article, would the remaining items on display be from Native American artists? Although bearing in mind that they themselves were not originally from North America would it not be just as pertinent to shut the museum as there would be nothing to show? Or would that spoil the political statement they’re trying badly to make?

  • Jo Thaub

    Again, forgot the word ILLEGAL. How convenient. No one is disputing immigration, just when it is done illegally. Why can’t you at least have the grace to admit it.

  • rocking aunt

    Illegal is missing, again. No one is upset or scared of immigrants going thru the process. People are upset and scared over the illegals scamming, leering after 15 year old girls, stealing SS #’s, admitting to be involved in gangs. If we did a day without working citizens and stopped all tax payments, donations of money, time, talents, goods and services for a day how would that be? What part of illegal and vetting are the protesters and some just not understanding?

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