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“Scary, real scary:” Milwaukee man struck by vehicle, killed after stealing from Walgreens store

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MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee man is killed and becomes the victim of a fatal crime just moments after police say he committed a crime of his own. The man was killed early Friday morning, February 17th near 35th and Wisconsin. 45-year-old Milwaukee man struck by vehicle, killed near 35th & Wisconsin

It's bizarre and an unfortunate turn of events. It happened shortly before 3 a.m. near 35th and Wisconsin.

Police say the victim, identified as 55-year-old Renaldo Wilson of Milwaukee, had just stolen six small plastic recycling bins from the rear of a nearby Walgreens.

He placed the bins over his head, walked out onto the westbound lanes of W. Wisconsin Avenue and was struck by a 2012 Chevy Equinox driven by a 26-year-old Milwaukee woman.

45-year-old Milwaukee man struck by vehicle, killed near 35th & Wisconsin

The victim died on scene despite lifesaving efforts.

"Scary, real scary," said Caprice Bell, pedestrian. 45-year-old Milwaukee man struck by vehicle, killed near 35th & Wisconsin

Police say speed and alcohol appear to be factors in the crash.

"She shouldn't have been driving," said Bell.

The driver stopped and remained on scene, she was found to be operating on a suspended drivers license.

"I feel it's a shame," said William Harris, pedestrian.

45-year-old Milwaukee man struck by vehicle, killed near 35th & Wisconsin

Pedestrians in the area reacted and say while the situation is unfortunate, it's a tragic reminder to be cautious as they navigate the streets, not knowing who is behind the wheel.

"When I'm crossing, I've got my head on a swivel. I'm looking at everything," said Harris.

The suspect was arrested and the case will be presented to the District Attorney for review.


  • Opinion8d

    I’d like to hear what the BAC of the lady was. She may have been over the limit and ‘speeding’, but maybe the guy ran out in front of her looking for a fast getaway without looking for traffic. This accident may have happened regardless of other circumstances……

  • rocking aunt

    Placed the bins over his head and walked out into traffic? Like over his head as a bucket would be so he couldn’t see ? Why would a person do that? You need to see where you are going and watch traffic.

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